2018 MAN 500hp Coach Review

It makes sense when operating in the hilliest region of Australia to have as much power and torque as possible under your right foot.

But, when in the NSW Snowy Mountains last week to sample the new 500hp MAN coach chassis, I asked the boss of Cooma Coaches if he’d still run it if his operation was based in a less challenging environment?

Trevor Heise answered in no uncertain terms, “absolutely”.

He believes that the extra power and torque takes strain off the vehicle, off the engine, and makes life easier for the driver.

The extra grunt means the coach can maintain a faster average speed than less powerful coaches and despite the terrain this coach can maintain car-type travel times.

This is part of the service that Cooma Coaches offers.

The headline story is that this coach chassis, the first of which to arrive in Australia, was set aside for the loyal MAN customer, and simply it has more power and torque than any other on offer in Australia.